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Advanced Manufacturing Systems

Understanding your solution to enhance the execution.

Whether your process requires welding, bonding, fastening, or any other assembly technique, we can design and build the process for you.  


Designing Machines that handle:


Assembly Process

Altron provides standalone assembly stations / cells or conveyor solutions per customer needs. We work closely with our customers to balance operator value add to automated process, keeping operators safe while providing an automated solution that can be supported by the manufacturing facility.


Material handling

During the assembly process, product can be conveyed by robots, liner pneumatic slides, servo slides or rotary indexing dial tables. Altron also can take finished goods using above techniques and transfer from build to final shipping location whether totes, racks, carts or palletized dunnage.


joining assembly process

Manufacturing of products requires precision joining methods - The most common of these include: Safety Critical DC Fastener Driving, Riveting, both Orbital and Press/Staking, Resistance/Projection Welding.

Product Testing

World class manufacturing requires no defects to leave a manufacturing site. Altron designs/builds mechanical and controls poka-yokes into the manufacturing process to prevent building a defective product. In addition, product testing at completion of assembly can be preformed. Common tests include testing for NVH, range of motion, efforts, electrical and part presence. Assembly and test data is available to the manufacturing execution system.


our methods

Common assembly / test components include:

 - cameras
 - lasers
 - probes
- DC fastening tools
- servo motion
- robots
 - conveyor lines
 - load cell
 - rotary dial tables

Tools Utilized

Altron tracks assemblies by unique product data. This data is read and conveyed by hand held or fixed scanning and RFID. Data from automated inspections, torque and testing is linked to product data.