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The Altron Experience

Your needs are important to us

Program Management

Each project at Altron Automation is assigned a program manger.  This teams goal is to be the liaison between your organization and ours. 

From PO to installation we provide:

  • Timing and Open issue updates 
  • Technology to host design reviews remotely - allowing you to be where you need to be
  • Multi-party participation reviews
  • Clear and efficient communication

Consider us your voice

What others are saying:

I just wanted to say thank you for a successful two weeks at Altron. We met all time lines basically without any issues. Your support was outstanding, as usual, an I enjoyed working with you. I would have to say that in my 25 plus years of dealing with tool shops, this may have been the smoothest run I have ever experienced.
— Reinforced Plastics Customer
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I really enjoyed your software design work, your comraudery and friendship. It was great to work with Altron… But more importantly, it was great to work with you. Thanks for everything. Everything.
— Altron Customer
[Altron’s PC based tester] is far superior than the PLC/PC based tester in that it provides more diagnostics, is user friendly, much more flexible, and was a great update.
— Test Equipment Customer