Test Equipment - Force Application Machines

Force Application Machines (FAM)


Force Application Machines (FAM) are used for calibrating safety systems in passenger seats. Occupant Classification Systems (OCS) or Occupant Detection Systems (ODS) are used to enable or disable airbag functionality based on the passengers' weight. If a small child weighing less than the allowable weight is sitting in the passenger seat during an accident, the airbags will not deploy. FAM units calibrate the OCS systems based on the manufacturers' weight specifications.

Test Equipment - EOL (End of Line)

EOL (End of Line) Testing

EOL (End of line) testing is a requirement for all tier one automotive suppliers. Automotive seat testing verifies all electrical components of the seat function as intended. The electrical components include, but are not limited to, seat buckle, airbags, heat mats, cooling vents, and memory modules.

Test Equipment - Seat Belt Reminder Circuit

Seat Belt Reminder Circuit


In addition to general end of line testing of automotive seats, the machine pictured tests the functionality of the seat belt reminder circuit (SBR). The machine verifies that if a passenger (or weight) is in the seat, the seat buckle is latched.  If the seat buckle is not latched, a chime and warning message to the driver is actuated.